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I have been a Pembroke Lodge wedding photographer for quite a few years now and I never tire of the place. It has welcoming staff, top notch food and dozens of great spots for photos, whether you want a formal family picture, loads of natural shots or some softly posed pictures of you both as husband and wife at the best spots around the lodge, it’s all here. I had a really warm reception from Ranjeeta and Anuj when I first met them to talk about their big day and I knew instantly that I would love to capture their special day. We arranged for me to meet Ranjeeta at their flat in Battersea before hand, where I took a selection of getting ready shots before making my way to the lodge to meet Anuj and the groomsmen, with just enough time to take some pre-ceremony pictures of them together. After discretely capturing some key moments during the ceremony, I joined the wedding party outside on the lawn, capturing lots of natural pictures of guests chatting to eachother and enjoying the company of the new husband and wife. After some formal family pictures I took Ranjeeta and Anuj off for a short spell to some of the best spots around the lodge for photos, capturing them amongst the beautiful garden flowers and trees. It was then time to join them during the wedding breakfast, where I would wander between tables unobtrusively, capturing moments between guests followed by the speeches. The timetable at Pembroke Lodge means you have a nice break between the end of the meal and the first dance. It’s a great time for capturing more natural photos but also a good opportunity to take the bride and groom off for a few more pictures, if they would like. Both Anuj and Ranjeeta were happy to have some photos the other side of the lodge, where the trees break and you become exposed to this lovely view of the horizon and the Surrey countryside in-between. We took some nice photographs at that spot, before making our way back so I could capture evening guests  arriving. After capturing them cutting the cake, their first dance and a few nice pics of guests ‘strutting their stuff’ on the dance floor I left them to it.  I thoroughly enjoyable day, with the weather on our side and a pinch of romance and laughter in the air. Thanks for letting me be part of your day and I wish you all the best for the future. (P.S. Thanks so much for the chocolates you sent and the lovely message in the card. I am actually eating them as I write this!).

Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-1Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-2Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-3Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-4Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-5Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-6Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-7Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-8Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-9Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-10Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-11Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-12Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-13Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-14Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-15Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-16Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-17Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-18Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-19Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-20Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-21Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-22Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-23Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-24

Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-25

Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-28Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-29Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-30Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-31Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-32Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-33Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-34Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-35

Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-36

Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-37Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-38Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-39Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-40Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-41Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-42

Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-43Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-44Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-45Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-46Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-47Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-48Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-49Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-50Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-51Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-52

Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-53Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-54Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-55Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-56Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-57Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-58Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-59Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-60Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-61Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-62Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-63Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-64

Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-65Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-66Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-67Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-68Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-69Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-70Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-71Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-72Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-73Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-74Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-75Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-76

Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-77Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-78Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-79Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-80Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-81Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-82Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-83Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-84Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-85Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-87Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-88Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-90Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-91Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-92Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-93Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-94Ranjeeta + Anuj Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-95

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