Philippa + Ben | Brewerstreet Farmhouse Wedding Photography

Philippa and Ben booked me over a year ago to photograph their wedding, through recommendation, so we only actually met for the first time a couple of weeks before the big day. We decided it would be a good idea to meet at the venue, Brewerstreet Farmhouse, Bletchingley, Surrey. I hadn’t photographed there before so it was a great opportunity to familiarise myself with the set up. I instantly liked them both, they were very easy to get on with and laid back about the day. We chatted about their requirements for photographs, they were keen to not have any pictures during the service, which I totally respected. We had a walk around the grounds and decided where the best spots would be for pictures of them both and their families. Here are a few highlights from their day, a little taster of what is to come, moments shared between them both, friends and family on a day that I hopt they will cherish forever. Best wishes to them both for the future.

Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-41Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-50Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-62Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-74Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-82Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-84Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-89Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-93Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-96Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-104Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-108Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-110Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-113Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-114Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-145Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-154Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-175Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-177Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-179Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-189Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-191Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-193Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-197Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-214Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-236Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-239Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-241Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-246Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-247Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-253Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-258Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-259Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-263Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-265Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-267Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-269Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-270Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-273Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-288Philippa & Ben Wedding Photography_mathewquakephotography-289

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